Why you should hire a professional copywriter

Website copy is often just an afterthought. To achieve brand consistency and a great user experience, functionality, design and content are inextricably linked. So, why invest in design and development and then fall at the last hurdle?

A brand is only as strong as its weakest touch point.

By chance I came across this quote from Neil Miller, BBH’s global chief experience officer. It resonated with me. We handle lots of website copy. Some good, some not so good. So why do business owners invest in good website design and development, and then cut corners when it comes to their content?

I think the issue lies in the assumption that we ‘can’ write, because we have the ability. We know how writing works. We write letters, we write emails, we write reports. But not all of us have the knowledge or skill to design or develop a website. So, whilst we ask specialists to take care of that, some of us decide to write their own copy. With mixed results.

Why invest in copywriting?

Today, a brand’s website is their biggest touch point. It showcases personality, products and services, and is designed to generate leads and close sales. The better the overall user experience the better the results. That’s why website functionality, design and content are inextricably linked.

Good copy and design should work in harmony. They entice the user to actively ‘do’ something on your website – sign up to a newsletter, get in touch with you or buy your products. But that’s not all. Quality website copy delivers on a number of levels. It helps your business to:

  • engage with your users to build rapport and trust
  • keep your brand’s unique tone of voice consistent
  • create a user journey through your website that prompts users to act
  • successfully guide prospects through your sales funnel
  • improve your website’s usability and accessibility
  • improve your website’s SEO

To make sure your copy incorporates all of these vital ingredients a lot of specialist knowledge and skill is required.

Copywriters know how to make us click (pun intended)

Copywriting is an art in itself. Good copywriters will always put themselves in the shoes of the user. They apply psychology. They know exactly how to structure and phrase copy and they know how to formulate a call to action to persuade users to actually take action. 

Furthermore, copywriters will always apply the most human tone of voice and use vocabulary that everyone can understand. Writing with clarity and brevity is what they excel in. When we write copy ourselves we automatically tend to use language which is too formal and littered with jargon.

A copywriter saves you time and effort

We know from experience that writing clear and engaging copy yourself is challenging. Being too close to the subject matter drives our clients to overthink and over-complicate the writing process, and so resulting in not knowing where to start. To some people copywriting doesn’t come easy. Mostly though, clients struggle to make time for it, impacting time schedules greatly.

Working with a copywriter doesn’t just save you time and effort, it also means that a website project will be delivered on time – saving you pressure and sleepless nights.

What if your budget doesn’t stretch to paying a copywriter?

We understand that budgets don’t always stretch to include copywriting into a website design and development project. We know that some people fear that they are giving too much control to someone who may not understand the industry and their business as well. Don’t let that stop you. You can always ask a copywriter to help you review, shape and improve your copy once you have written it.

In our short guide to writing website copy, we have assembled a few hacks to get you started writing relevant content for your audience in no time.

About Franzi Scheithauer

Franzi is Creative Director at Studio Brand Up and specialises in brand strategy and identity design.