Website Design

Your website is a vital part of your audience’s brand experience, intuitively nudging them along the buyer journey. With seconds to engage and convert visitors into customers, we take a user-first approach.

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Our Process

Every organisation has its own website requirements, objectives and challenges. Our process identifies these to create an efficient, flexible and well-structured website that offers a seamless user journey to drive conversions.

Discovery & Strategy

This is the first step in the process and includes research and analysis to investigate how the website can best serve the needs of the business and its users. It includes research and background reading, followed by a workshop. This process enables us to work closely with each client, sense check any assumptions and create a tight specification for the website build and future development.

User Experience (UX)

Many websites fail because they are designed based on the opinions of stakeholders, rather than on the needs of the user. Through quantitative and qualitative research, we remove the guesswork and learn exactly what your users want so that we can create a solution that delivers a great user experience.

Messaging & Content

For your website to succeed you need to make sure your messaging and content persuades your customers to act. Our ‘content-first’ approach ensures that we structure your website around your user’s needs rather than the limitations of a design. This approach ultimately creates a much better user experience.

Website Architecture

Based on your strategy and messaging we create a website structure and content plan that enables users to quickly find the information they are looking for. To develop the most efficient website architecture, we work with site and user flow maps to link the customer journey across your website.

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Website Design

With strategy, functionality, content and site architecture in place, we craft a fully bespoke, on-brand website design to create the best user journey for your visitors across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This often includes initial wireframes followed by a full mock-up of your website’s key pages.

Website Development

Following approval of your website design, we work closely with our trusted development team to build your website. We ensure that nothing gets lost in translation between the design and development process and that your website functions without any bloat, ensuring it is optimised for your needs and is fast and efficient.

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