Could you take your business online?

The Covid pandemic is an unprecedented situation. A situation our generation has never seen before. We are asked to reduce close social encounters and to stay indoors.

The clear winner in this bizarre scenario is modern technology. Modern technology helps us to stay connected, entertained and to carry on with our work. In fact, in a situation like this, technology will help us to diversify and to create new ways to live, trade and work. Could you take your business online?

What our clients and friends do

We have clients in a variety of industries: professional services, hospitality, charity, wellbeing and beauty and we have been really impressed by their resourcefulness and ideas to keep their businesses going. Not all of them for financial gain but to help people make self-isolation and social distancing much more bearable.

Here are some ideas…

Beauty & lifestyle

If you provide services or sell products in a physical environment only, could you move to offer your services or products online? We’re in the process of setting up an online shop for specialist beauty salon Purity who are keen to sell their salon exclusive products and gift vouchers online. Could you do the same or start giving advice on skincare routine, pampering at home or perhaps switch to virtual skin consultations?


Cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants are switching to delivery of food and drink. Now that many of us had to slow down and have a bit more time, could you also offer live cooking demonstrations, teach us some cooking techniques or help us to try new recipes?


We are usually both doing personal training and classes. With the closure of gyms and tightening of rules on gatherings, our trainers have switched to live streaming their classes or offering virtual 1:1 training sessions. Some also record videos which we can watch and follow in our own time.


Most admiration goes to our charity clients who are working tirelessly to recruit and distribute volunteers to those who need help and support the most in this new surreal world. Could you or your business get involved in helping to support local charities?

How can we help?

Whether you need help to come up with new ideas for revenue streams, raise awareness of your products and services or need technical support to move your business online, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help.

About Franzi Scheithauer

Franzi is Creative Director at Studio Brand Up and specialises in brand strategy and identity design.