SimpleClick’s Brand Story

SimpleClick is a Suffolk-based digital agency focused on creating bespoke future-proof digital solutions that simply ‘work’. By concentrating on designing and developing web, app and software solutions that deliver exactly what each client needs, SimpleClick has been a partner of choice for many high-profile local and national clients for over 10 years.

The team follows a meticulous step-by-step process and collaborates closely with each client to achieve a deep understanding of the requirements and problems they are tasked to solve before creating a solution.

The Brief

Following a successful decade of growth, expansion and the addition of new services and products, SimpleClick felt that their branding was no longer authentically reflecting their business’ approach and culture. It was not conveying their values, personality and skills effectively or consistently enough.

There were many reasons for this. The company’s brand identity consisted of far too few design assets, the logo was often misunderstood, there was no unified tone of voice and the website content had become muddled.

A lack of clarity in SimpleClick’s branding was preventing the team from going all out in raising awareness and promoting their services. And with their 10th anniversary coming up, SimpleClick wanted to mark the opportunity with a brand new look and feel to match the team’s confidence and ambitious mindset as they entered their second decade.

The Solution

Brand Research & Strategy

We started the project with defining what makes SimpleClick? Interviewing each team member and a range of core clients, we set out to discover: What their aspirations are? What they stand for? How they want to be perceived as a brand? How they are being perceived by their ideal customer? And how they differ from their competitors?

We also undertook a detailed competitor survey to understand how other agencies presented themselves through their branding. We created a list of what to avoid and what to address to make their branding as impactful and engaging as possible for the type of customer they wanted to connect with.

Brand Identity Design

Working closely with the SimpleClick team on their rebrand, we created a distinctive, vibrant new brand identity that captures not only the company’s confidence, versatility and creativity, but also the nurturing, relaxed and inspirational team atmosphere.

The logo system consists of a simplistic, bold word mark and a separate symbol of an interlinking ‘S’ shape for use in confined spaces. We also designed a separate logo for SimpleClick’s bespoke CRM system Doddle, making sure that all logos look and feel coherent.

Navy blue is used as a base colour in combination with warm and bright accent colours to highlight the professionalism and creativity of the team. A ‘pixel’ pattern of coloured squares and characterful fonts, reminiscent of code language, place SimpleClick firmly within the digital world.

To highlight their core expertise, we worked with characterful typefaces that take their design inspiration from code languages. To make the team’s approach even more visual we designed a large range of icons to explain processes and to playfully position SimpleClick as a welcoming employer brand.

Working closely with a copywriter and photographer, we also helped SimpleClick define their story and tone of voice and established a style of imagery that is natural, authentic and captures the culture within the agency.

Implementation & Branding Application

To help SimpleClick bring their new branding to life, we worked closely with the team on a wide range of brand touch points. Using all new brand assets consistently, we wove the new branding into all elements of the business from basic stationery to the styling of their office and design of their digital environments. Implementation included:

  • Office stationery & templates
  • Social media banners and newsletter template
  • Brochures
  • Website design
  • Signage & merchandise
  • Office interior & show stands

To ensure coherence going forward, we also created a detailed set of brand guidelines for the team. Ever since SimpleClick’s visual identity has been consistent and, most importantly, memorable, as SimpleClick shares.

We are web designers and developers, but our own website and branding had taken a back seat over the years. We needed a fresh pair of eyes to come in and trusted Franzi immediately.

From day one she amazed us with her incredible level of detail. Franzi immersed herself in our business, meeting with every SimpleClick team member to make sure she really got to know the ‘real us’. She met with some of our clients and asked what it was like working with us. This allowed her to paint a picture of our culture and from there she was able to propose two concepts for our new brand – it was a tough decision to choose between the two! 

Franzi thinks of everything and looks at the bigger picture. Every detail is meticulously planned and compliments the other. She created an identity for our business and helped us to define our values and tone of voice. We have been left with a series of elements that are versatile and future proof, allowing SimpleClick to grow with its new identity.

We have loved working with Franzi. The passion that she has for her work shines through in everything she does. She has put together an extremely well thought out brand for us which captures the SimpleClick essence perfectly. We can’t thank her enough and you can often hear “Thank God we met Franzi!” said in our office.

Rachael Ward, former Account Manager, SimpleClick

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About Franzi Scheithauer

Franzi is Creative Director at Studio Brand Up and specialises in brand strategy and identity design.