Brand Strategy

Laying the foundations for your success.

Whether you have a new product or service, want to reach a new audience or breathe new life into your business, we start by creating a clear strategy.

Without strategy your brand doesn’t follow a clear path and won’t attract the right type of customers. We help you re/define your reason for being and help you articulate how your audience benefits from your products and services.

Our Process

We have developed a three-stage process to help you develop and shape your brand. These stages will involve different amounts of input depending on the size of your business and where you are on your journey.

1. Discovery

We begin by investigating your organisation, why you want to re-brand, your competitive landscape, market position and customer expectations.

This includes an audit of your current brand assets and website, as well as stakeholder interviews to understand the current situation of your business, its key challenges and how it is perceived both internally and externally.

2. Brand Strategy Workshop

Next we run a workshop or series of workshops with key stakeholders to establish:

  • Your Brand Purpose & Values, Mission & Vision and Brand Personality
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Your Current Company Culture & Aspirational Company Culture
  • Your Service Design: Current Client Experience & Aspirational Client Experience.

3. Brand Strategy Report

Our brand strategy report reflects on the findings from our audits and research and looks at the results from the workshop sessions to formulate a clear strategy for the future of your brand. It will help you streamline and focus your actions to overcome your present challenges and pursue your mission and goals.

Your brand strategy report will summarise and outline:

  • What drives you as a business
  • What your personality and values are
  • What you understand your ideal customer to be
  • Where you will find and how you will communicate with your audience
  • What language you will use to communicate internally and externally
  • How you will behave internally and externally
  • How your environments will look and feel

Your new brand strategy will be the blueprint of your business and forms the basis for reaching your organisation’s ambitions. It is the guiding principle for your team and for your brand’s consistent behaviour.


Do I need a brand strategy?

Yes. A detailed strategy forms the basis for all design and development projects we undertake at Studio Brand Up. It will not only help you to get a new perspective on your business, but without a clear understanding of your business, audience and goals we are not sufficiently informed and prepared to be able to create the best solution possible. Helping you develop your brand strategy will help us learn as much of your business as possible and will allow us to get to know the people behind the brand to form a collaborative relationship.

What if I have worked on my own brand strategy?

Some business owners or management teams will undertake some strategy work on their own. However, it is important to bear in mind that your findings may not be as objective as they should be. An unbiased outside perspective will help you gain new insight on your business and stimulate ideas and approaches you may not have considered.

Do you want to convert more of the right customers?

Speak to us to learn how a clear brand strategy allows you to take on your competitors more effectively.