Brand Strategy

Through our brand strategy work, we help you define your positioning and core message. This purposefully refines your culture and brand personality to help you attract and engage with your ideal customers.

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Brand Strategy Workshop

Based on the learnings and insights from our initial research we run a brand strategy workshop with you to clearly identify the meaning, purpose and personality of your brand. Our strategy report provides the framework for your brand building, including:


Brand Purpose

At the very heart of your brand sits its purpose. The enduring reason for your brand’s existence beyond turning a profit. Your ‘Why’ is what drives your organisation and impacts all aspects of your brand, such as your service & product portfolio, marketing strategy, business partnerships, CSR and recruitment.


Brand Mission & Vision

Having a clear aspirational, but achievable vision of your organisation’s future enables you to put clear goals into place. We help you set your vision and formulate your core mission that establishes and communicates what you do, how you do it and why it matters to you and your customers.


Your Audience

Attracting the right customers is key for your brand’s success. To effectively engage and connect with your ideal customer, we look at their goals and needs. We examine how they benefit from your brand’s products and services and look at opportunities to engage with new customers.


Brand Values & Personality

Your values inform your brand’s behaviour and personality; attributes that can be felt on the inside and outside of your organisation. They also determine the visual look and feel of your brand. To emotionally connect with your audience and to offer a memorable brand experience we help you formulate and implement your values.


Brand Positioning

Give your audience a unique reason to buy from you. We look at how you differentiate your brand from your competitors. By focussing on a distinctive service, product, feature or behaviour, you are giving your audience a reason to choose you.

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