Helping to transforming a Suffolk home made scrub into a much loved range of beauty products across the UK.

Brand Identity Design / Marketing Collateral / Packaging Design

The Client

RuffStuff® was founded three years ago by a waxing specialist. Failing to find the perfect body scrub to recommend to her clients, she set out to develop her own product. Using few natural ingredients, RuffStuff® scrub tackles a range of skin conditions.

Today RuffStuff® growing range of scrubs and body oil is distributed to over 350 salons across the UK, Northern Europe and US. It is loved by men and women alike. It gained the Vegan Society’s accreditation 18 months ago and has since been featured in publications such as The Times and Vegetarian Living magazine.

The Brand Identity

RuffStuff® is an affordable product that simply works. It is meant for daily use. We have created a brand identity that reflects its properties and price point. We’ve combined vibrant colours with punchy typefaces and simple yet solid looking wordmark.

We also commissioned a set of illustrations for use in a number of different brand touch points. The beautiful line drawings show the few natural ingredients used in each RuffStuff® scrub.

The Packaging Design

To help consumers see the dry texture of RuffStuff® scrub and to help them anticipate what the product may feel like we’ve created a range of translucent labels for their see-through tubs and bottles.

All RuffStuff® resellers are also supplied with supporting consumer literature, as well as posters and distributor window stickers to advertise the brand and its superb products.

Product photography © Caroline Horne Suffolk Photography

Toni Keeble

When we initially met with Franzi it was to discuss a product in the very early stages of development. We had no identity, in fact we didn’t even have a name, we thought we just needed a logo. Franzi guided us through the process and highlighted the importance of developing a strong and unique brand identity and with her help we identified our goals and corporate values. She worked closely with us for our immediate needs but also had a strong vision for our company’s future and a range of products. Three years on and thanks to her forward planning, we have a range of products that all fit together seamlessly and professionally.

Toni Keeble, Founder & Director, RuffStuff® Bodycare