Creating authentic visual branding for a high end physiotherapy practice with a holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing

Brand Design / Branding Implementation

White Physiofit wordmark logo on a navy bluebackground. The logo is set in capital letters with generous letter spacing.
Physiofit business cards in its various colour variations scattered on a table, some showing the cover with logo, some the back side with details

To communicate the wellbeing focus and dynamic physical training of Physiofit, a minimalist elegant identity reflects calm and warmth, while the form and colour language embodies fitness.

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Physiofit Business Cards leaning against a wall showing business card fron with white logo on navy and business card back with black details on a pink background
Physiofit colour scheme presented in blocks of colour with colour codes for navy, beige, pink, blue and green
Physiofit brand type face sample, showing the light, regular, medium and bold fonts using key words fro Physiofit, such as: Physiotherapy, Massage, Wellbeing, Personal Training etc.

Four posters with the Physiofit 'P' logo symbol as watermark in different brand colours, each advertising a different service of the practice: Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Wellness, Naturheilkunde

The colour palette comprises a dark primary colour and a range of secondary pastel tones to emphasise the atmosphere and treatments that nourish the body and mind.

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navy blue document folder with large Physiofit logo on the front. The folder is slightly open to show the inside.
Physiofit stationery, including a letterhead, business card front and back and a navy blue Physiofit document folder lying on a table.
Navy blue Physiofit envelope with logo and address details at back and a compliment slip in white with pink 'P' symbol and logoat

The result is a progressive, edgy identity that uses a strong urban typeface with spacious lettering that contrasts with the gentle colours to communicate the dynamic physical training service.

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Metal and Glass signage in Navy blue with white Physiofit logo mounted to the outside wall of a building
Therapist wearing a white polo shirt with the Physiofit logo embroidered in black on the left side of the chest
hand holding a jute carrier bag with large Physiofit logo on its front

“The branding for my practice and the product design for my range of food supplements created by Studio Brand Up is outstanding. It perfectly reflects my philosophy. The carefully thought through concept, from positioning and design to product labels and marketing collateral, is flexible and extendible to accommodate future growth of my business and product range. The creative design positively resonates with my patients. Each time my patients compliment the quality of my food supplements they also praise the memorable, contemporary and timeless design of my branding and product packaging.”

Kai Ingo Meyer