Matthew J Hill Consulting

Developing a strategy and creating a distinct brand identity to help a well-established US business anthropologist build his consultancy brand

Brand strategy / Brand Design / Copywriting / Website Design & Development

Matthew's logo consisting of a stylised M symbol and the Matthew J Hill Consulting wordmark displayed in white on navy blue

We helped US business anthropologist, Matthew J. Hill, to establish a brand new identity and website for his new consultancy business. Through our brand strategy work, we helped define his ultimate goal as “Improving the quality of workplaces so that people enjoy going to work and feel like they can make a difference.”

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Matthew's business card shown leaning against a wall and displaying the navy blue cover with logo and white back cover with his contact details

Although Matthew’s work is academically rooted, his approach in applying these learnings to large businesses is modern and fresh – something we knew we had to bring to life in his visual and verbal identity. A minimalist logo blends his initials ‘M’ and ‘H’ to emulate the ‘bridging’ aspect to his work, while the colours emit gravitas and sophistication.   

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Matthew's tagline 'Helping you find pieces of the past in the present'

From the outside, the fascinating academic approach to cultural transformation can feel complex. However, the brand experience we have created deliberately unfolds Matthew’s consultancy offering to inspire professional curiosity and an eagerness to engage.

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Three different pages of Matthew's website shown on three mobile phones next to each other
laptop screen displaying Matthew Hill's Linkedin page

I had a fantastic experience working with Suffolk-based Studio Brand… They took me through a brand strategy definition process that helped me articulate (in my own words) a purpose, mission, and vision statement, and what’s unique about my approach to working with clients (a positioning statement)… I appreciate the structured discovery process that defines Studio Brand Ups approach. Franzi and Angie have been great to work with.

Matthew Hill, Matthew J Hill Consulting