Lofty Heights

Realigning the brand strategy and branding of a social enterprise helping vulnerable people sensitively declutter their homes

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Illustrations / Copywriting / Website Design / Website Development

lofty heights business card cover with logo and back cover showing contact details and a broom illustration

Soft, round and open letter shapes mirror Lofty Heights’ friendly and sensitive approach, while the L and H have been stylised into the shape of a home.

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sample of the Quicksand typeface showing upper case and lower case letters, numbers and special characters
a number of differently sized circles showing all the lofty heights brand colours

line illustration of two hands reaching out to each other

The brand colour scheme was extended to add depth and warmth, with lighter tints of the two core brand colours and further brighter accents.

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Closed trifold leaflet showing lofty heights' decluttering leaflet cover with a van illustration; and an opened version of the leaflets shows all of lofty heights' services
cover of the lofty heights hospital discharge service depicting an illustration of a hospital bed with hoist and bedside table with lamp
line illustration of kitchen cabinets and workstops cluttered with dirty dishes, empty bottles, packaging and bin bags
line illustration of a hospital bed with hoist and a bedside table with lamp and plant

Bespoke illustrations weaving in accents of Lofty Heights’ brand colours express positivity, empathy and compassion.

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laptop with opened lofty heights services landing page showing a number of cards and illustrations of the key services
three mobile phones showing the Lofty Heights homepage, Services landing page and mobile menu

It was a pleasure working with Studio Brand Up. The team took the time to really understand what we do and more importantly why, translating what they learnt about us into the graphics, colour scheme and words of our new branding.

Olive Quinton CEO Lofty Heights CIC