GSW – Silberzeit

Designing an engaging magazine to improve the efficacy of internal and marketing communications for a local German health & social care provider.

Conceptualisation & Editorial Design

Silberzeit magazine's table of content
double page spread with images of facilities
detail of a timeline snapshot
article on nature's four seasons
articles with images of nature
close up of an article on disabled people in the workplace

“We are very proud of our first ‘Silberzeit’ issue. We wanted to create surprise and arouse curiosity and we certainly have achieved that. We want to inspire trust and emphasise, how innovative, informative and warm we are as an organisation, and the magazine captures and oozes this on every single page. … Since the reading material is so diverse, people immediately had something to talk about. The magazine beautifully fulfils its purpose to create space for conversations, ideas and togetherness.”

Claudia Süttmann, Marketing Manager, GSW