Rebranding a long-established wig specialist to align online user experience with their store’s empathetic service culture.

Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Photography / Web Design & Development

The Client

Frobishers is a family business of 40 years specialising in the supply of wigs in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Their customer base is predominately women who suffer from hair loss through cancer, alopecia and other health issues.

They sell their products in their shop and throughout the UK via their e-commerce website.

Frobishers customer

The Brief

We were approached by Frobishers to modernise their website to improve the user experience and increase online sales.

During our initial meeting with the team we observed the warmth and empathy that the staff at Frobishers extended to their customers in the shop and we felt there was a discrepancy between the service culture in house and how the brand is portrayed online.

Seeing the potential in telling their story and engaging their audience, particularly online, we presented ideas to reposition their brand.


We started by researching Frobishers’ target audience in terms of what problems they experience and what would motivate them to buy from Frobishers.

Frobishers help their clients often at a vulnerable time in their lives when they feel a loss of self-confidence and identity. We discovered that Frobishers empower these women to feel themselves again through their dedicated service and products.

We formulated a strategy for their re-brand that put their customers at the centre by telling real stories to communicate the difference Frobishers had made to their lives.

Brand Design

The key component of Frobishers’ new brand identity is a suite of natural and authentic images of real customers feeling confident in themselves and showing of their natural personality and beauty.

We worked with beige, blue and pink pastels to express calm, optimism, delicacy, understanding and warmth, adding a contrasting navy blue to emphasise Frobishers’ professionalism and expertise.

We refreshed the logo by refining the word-mark and added a descriptor to celebrate their craft, history and long-standing service to their loyal customers.

Web Development

The most important goal of this project was to improve the user experience online. We designed and built a custom e-commerce website using WooCommerce which is easy to navigate and provides a seamless shopping experience.

It also communicates Frobishers’ brand values through the customer images and website copy.

The new website was launched at the beginning of July 2019.

The Result

Instead of just focusing on the specification of their products and services on the website, Frobishers now celebrate the ‘hero’ their brand: their customers. By repositioning their wigs from medical necessity to life changer and by showing how they help women regain their self-confidence and self-esteem through their care, expertise and knowledge, Frobishers engage with their audience on a more emotional level.  

Personal experiences told by real customers coupled with a user centric, accessible and intuitive online experience now consistently aligns Frobishers’ engaging brand culture throughout their communication and sales channels.

Claire Usher

“At our first meeting Angie and Franzi… provided us with very useful ideas that met our brief and understood where we were heading as a company… They came prepared to the initial meetings having researched our competitors and had studied what the industry was about.”

Claire Usher, Frobishers Wig Specialists