Do Good Networking

Creating a vibrant brand identity for an Ipswich-based ethical networking group

Brand Identity Design / Website Design / Stationery & Marketing Collateral

The Client

Run by digital agency SimpleClick, Do Good networking brings together like-minded local business people to build lasting relationships and support worthy causes.

The group’s ethical concept combines casual networking and hands on project work to make a difference to a variety of local charities and volunteer organisations and the people they support.

The Brief

In their brief SimpleClick asked us to create a brand identity that captures the purpose of Do Good and to communicate all aspects of their concept as impactful as possible: building relationships, making an impact in the community and having fun along the way.

Do Good wants everyone to feel welcome and engaged and the visual identify should reflect that.

The Brand Identity

To see and feel the fun, laughter and positivity of Do Good networking we have created a bold and vibrant brand identity based on circular shapes, bright colours and patterns.

We designed a logotype that incorporates a smile and created a marque which uses the word ‘do’ to reinforce the hands-on approach. A set of icons symbolise the mission of Do Good.

We applied the brand identity across stationery, marketing literature and merchandise and provided the design for the Do Good website, which SimpleClick developed using their very own bespoke CMS Doddle.

Studio Brand Up did an incredible job in designing a vibrant, cheerful and professional brand identity which perfectly captures the ethos of Do Good Networking.

Their meticulous attention to detail never failed to impress us. They took time to listen, research and understand the concept of Do Good by looking at the events that we would be running, meeting the charities that we would be supporting and speaking to some attendees.

All Do Good brand identity assets are so versatile that we were able to get some amazing branded merchandise made to further enhance our brand.

We are so thrilled with what Studio Brand Up has created for us. Since the launch of Do Good, the eye-catching branding has helped us to raise awareness and engage with many more supporters.

Richard Jennis, Director, SimpleClick & Do Good