Physiofit’s Brand Story

Physiofit is a well-established, physiotherapy practice located in the heart of the financial district in Frankfurt, Germany. Working closely with Physiofit’s owner, Kai, for several years, Studio Brand Up has watched the business flourish into a high-end physiotherapy practice with a holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing.

The Brief

The success of Physiofit’s holistic concept has seen Kai expand the business by moving to new premises to further build his team of wellness and physical fitness specialists.

By developing the holistic approach over the years, Physiofit had outgrown its existing brand identity. It did not communicate an equal focus on wellbeing and physical fitness, or the range of services offered.

The new brand identity needed to convey the two strands of Physiofit’s offering eloquently and effortlessly, without one dominating the other. Each design asset also had to work for the décor to create a calming lounge and spa atmosphere within the waiting areas and an urban industrial feel within the personal training zones.

The Solution

The challenge was to create a brand that communicates Physiofit as a place to focus on recovery, rejuvenation and relaxation. A place that takes clients on a personalised wellness and physical fitness journey.

It was important that the brand mirrors the positive, authentic synergy between therapists/trainers and clients. 

Working collaboratively with Kai, we created an elegant minimalist identity. It reflects warmth and wellness with gentle pastel tones that work in harmony with the primary navy colour and spacious urban-inspired lettering that echoes physical fitness.

Physiofit business cards in its various colour variations scattered on a table, some showing the cover with logo, some the back side with details
Colour varieties of Physiofit business card
Physiofit brand type face sample, showing the light, regular, medium and bold fonts using key words fro Physiofit, such as: Physiotherapy, Massage, Wellbeing, Personal Training etc.
Physiofit’s new typhography
White Physiofit wordmark logo on a navy bluebackground. The logo is set in capital letters with generous letter spacing.
Physiofit wordmark logo
Physiofit colour scheme presented in blocks of colour with colour codes for navy, beige, pink, blue and green
Physiofit colour scheme

The new brand identity system is layered and flexible for various applications throughout the customer journey. Essentially, there are two logos – a spacious wordmark and a two-dimensional P which can be used as a standalone symbol, in combination with the wordmark, or simply as a watermark. Together, they symbolise the holistic treatment approach and athletic service offering.

The wordmark is deliberately open and spacious to depict the warmth and openness of the team and a luxurious high-end feel.

Four posters with the Physiofit 'P' logo symbol as watermark in different brand colours, each advertising a different service of the practice: Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Wellness, Naturheilkunde
Physiofit services posters
hand holding a jute carrier bag with large Physiofit logo on its front
tote bag with Physiofit symbol and wordmark
Physiofit Business Cards leaning against a wall showing business card fron with white logo on navy and business card back with black details on a pink background
Physiofit business card
Physiofit stationery, including a letterhead, business card front and back and a navy blue Physiofit document folder lying on a table.
Physiofit stationery, including business card, letterhead and a document folder

The Results

Physiofit’s new brand identity is now authentic, relevant and successfully combines the service offering while reflecting the price level of the practice.

The result is a progressive, edgy identity that underlines the service’s high-end, urban, sporty service without quietening the holistic approach Kai and his team is well known for.

In essence, the brand identity truly reflects the strategy and positioning of Physiofit as a business. It is timeless and simplistic yet flexible enough to accommodate Kai’s ambitious growth plans.

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About Franzi Scheithauer

Franzi is Creative Director at Studio Brand Up and specialises in brand strategy and identity design.