Lofty Heights’ Brand Story

Lofty Heights CIC is a not for profit social enterprise based in Ipswich, Suffolk. As a brand, its purpose resonates with so many people. Sometimes, for a whole host of reasons, people’s homes become overrun and cluttered to the extent that it’s no longer safe or comfortable for them to live at home. This is where the wonderful, compassionate and trained Lofty Heights team comes in. Together, they are helping people to live safely at home for longer and providing employment and training opportunities for young people along the way.

The Brief

Like so many organisations that grow organically and in direct response to the needs of those they support, Lofty Heights had lost its way with its branding.

What was once branding that served the business well as a loft insulation assistance service, was a confusing identity. To use Lofty Heights’ analogy, the brand was muddled and in need of the ‘Lofty treatment,’ which meant a sensitive declutter and refresh.

As a company well respected and recognised among referring partners – namely hospitals and social services – Lofty Heights needed a new brand identity that would not take them too far from their existing brand.

There would have to be enough synergy between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ without losing sight of the purpose of the brand refresh.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with Lofty Heights, we helped the team identify challenges with their existing branding, set objectives and redefined their brand strategy focussing on four main goals:

  • To remove the discrepancy between brand identity and the services provided by Lofty Heights.
  • To clearly position and differentiate Lofty Heights from competing organisations.
  • To increase the able-to-pay end user audience.
  • To increase awareness and break down taboos associated with cluttering and hoarding.

We created a new brand identity that would break the association between the company name and logo. In other words, Lofty Heights would no longer appear as a ‘roofing’ or ‘loft’ company. Instead, it would present itself to the world as the trusted, heartfelt decluttering service that seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The original brand colours of blue and yellow were to remain, although changing their depth and warmth. The colour scheme was extended further with lighter tints of blue and yellow and other bright colour accents. The colours scheme was carefully composed to emphasise Lofty Heights’ compassion, sensitivity and empathy.

Round and open letter shapes in the logo mirror Lofty Heights’ friendly and sensitive approach, while the L and H have been stylised into the shape of a house.

lofty heights logo with navy wordmark and yellow symbol depicting a stylised home that is constructed from the letters l and h
Lofty Heights’ new logo
laptop with opened lofty heights services landing page showing a number of cards and illustrations of the key services
new Lofty Heights’ website
cover of the lofty heights hospital discharge service depicting an illustration of a hospital bed with hoist and bedside table with lamp
Hospital Discharge leaflet
a number of differently sized circles showing all the lofty heights brand colours
colour scheme

Bespoke illustrations were created to soften what can be an uncomfortable message for people and reduce the reliance on awkward photography. The hand-drawn illustrations help to express Lofty Heights’ purpose and personality in a friendly, non-judgemental way. At the same time, they increase the brand’s distinctiveness and make Lofty Heights’ messaging easily understood and engaging.

A new tagline was also introduced to the brand, making a clear difference.

Making a clear difference works on two levels. Not only does it explain the very physical nature of the services provided, but it also goes deeper than this. The tagline offers an insight into Lofty Heights’ being and ambitions to make a positive social impact.

“It was a pleasure working with Studio Brand Up. The team took the time to really understand what we do and more importantly WHY, translating what they learnt about us into the graphics, colour scheme and text for our new logo, website and leaflets.”

Olive Quinton CEO Lofty Heights CIC

line illustration of kitchen cabinets and workstops cluttered with dirty dishes, empty bottles, packaging and bin bags
example from the suite of illustrations
lofty heights business card cover with logo and back cover showing contact details and a broom illustration
example of stationery
three mobile phones showing the Lofty Heights homepage, Services landing page and mobile menu
Lofty Heights’ mobile friendly website
Closed trifold leaflet showing lofty heights' decluttering leaflet cover with a van illustration; and an opened version of the leaflets shows all of lofty heights' services
new services leaflet

The Results

Today, Lofty Heights’ brand successfully translates its ambitious and uplifting purpose and culture. Most importantly, it is far easier for referring partners and clients who are able-to-pay to quickly realise how Lofty Heights can be of help.

In place of a cluttered identity we have introduced simplistic, streamlined branding that is far more relatable and accessible. We have supported Lofty Heights with the roll out of their new branding by creating a:

  • A new website providing an excellent place for signposting people to the right service, at the right time.
  • Tri-fold leaflets clearly explaining the purpose and benefits of each service.
  • New stationery serving as a visual cue to partner agencies and clients.
  • Social media assets and illustrations that mirror the imagery and messaging on the website.

“Excellent service was received by all the team at Studio Brand Up. From initial concept through to final delivery of the full rebrand communication and progress were exceptional.”

Rob Hart, General Manager, Lofty Heights

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