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The three biggest challenges facing businesses are revenue, hiring and profit. Whether it’s not enough customers, the wrong customers or difficulty attracting the right employees, strong branding can help meet these challenges.  

How do we know this? Through experience of working with a wide range of businesses. In the last year alone, we’ve helped organisations (both big and small) excite their employees, welcome new customers and streamline their offering by working with them on branding and UX.

We focus on removing subjectivity from our brand strategy process. We always conduct research to fully understand the business challenge without making any assumptions, and this is one of the main reasons we’re so successful at what we do. Well, that and the fact that we get to work with fantastic clients who are eager to go on the journey with us.

So, we thought we’d share some examples of the projects we worked on during 2021.

40% online sales increase at Red Horse Vale

Nature of Project: Creation of a new website

Reason: To increase online sales

Challenge: Lost online sales due to poor user experience on website

Our solution: After conducting research into the current website usability issues and understanding how the business operates, we designed and built a new online store with improved navigation, search, product categories and product filters.

Result: The new website provides a massive improvement in user experience which is reflected in 40% increase in sales in the first 10 months since launch.

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Achieving Good to Great at Birketts –  programme

Nature of Project: Visual identity & Brand Book for internal culture

Reason: To assist with the integration and roll out of the firm’s brand culture and client engagement programme.

Challenge: To find a solution to effectively communicate the firm’s vision, mission, core values and brand signatures to their 750-people strong team.

What we did: We worked with Birketts to develop an engaging visual identity for the firm’s internal culture and core values programme, Good to Great. We designed the logo, typographic system, colour scheme, and a range of graphics and icons to symbolise processes and behaviours. Applications and touchpoints range from team specific strategy documents, a regular newsletter, induction presentations for new starters and wall decals to a brand book – including the firm’s mission, vison and core values – which serves as a practical reference tool for each member of staff.

Result: Good to Great’s impactful visuals helped to establish the programme throughout the firm and its touchpoints are immediately recognisable amongst the firm’s busy internal communications.

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Converting customers at Vale Designs Handmade Kitchens

Nature of Project: Brand refresh

Reason: to connect with their target market and attract higher value clients more effectively.

Challenge: increased number of inquiries from customers not in the market for such a high-end product.

What we did: We carried out an analysis of Vale Designs’ clients audience, competitors, current customer journey and brand touchpoints. This helped us identity gaps and opportunities in the customer’s user experience. We have refined and extended Vale Designs’ visual identity to position them as specialists in kitchen design as well as highly skilled cabinet makers.

Result: Better quality inquiries and increased quotation conversion by 25%.

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Rebranding Lofty Heights Social Enterprise

lofty heights logo with navy wordmark and yellow symbol depicting a stylised home that is constructed from the letters l and h

Nature of Project: Rebrand

Reason: to increase the percentage of able-to-pay sales.

Challenges: not enough able-to-pay customers, increased competition locally

What we did: we created a new brand identity which translates Lofty Heights ambitious and uplifting purpose and culture. Most importantly, it is far easier for referring partners and clients who are able-to-pay to quickly realise how Lofty Heights can be of help.

Results: Lofty Heights now has a far more immediately recognisable set of services that are easier for able-to-pay customers to find and identify with.

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New Brand Identity for high-end Physiotherapy practice, Physiofit

navy blue document folder with large Physiofit logo on the front. The folder is slightly open to show the inside.

Nature of Project: Rebrand

Reason: To truly reflect its positioning and approach to the target audience to enable further business growth.

Challenge: Over the years, Physiofit has developed a more all-encompassing approach, combining a range of physiotherapy, holistic therapy, wellness and physical fitness services. With this change of concept, Physiofit had outgrown its existing brand identity. It no longer reflected its positioning accurately to the right audience.

What we did: We created a flexible, minimalistic and timeless brand identity system that successfully unites all service strands of the business: the holistic approach to physiotherapy, wellness and wellbeing and personal training. We combined a muted  colour palette, a 2D logo symbol, a spacious wordmark and urban typography. This was to marry the dynamic fitness with the slow-paced wellness offering to accurately reflect Physiofit’s price category.

Result: The new brand identity authentically reflects the approach, owner Kai and his team, are well known for. It is timeless and simplistic, yet flexible enough to accommodate Kai’s ambitious growth plans.

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Quite simply, our methodical approach helps businesses to toggle between the details and the bigger picture to create branding that has a direct, measurable impact. If you have a business challenge you’re looking to resolve, we’re happy to help. Simply contact us today.

About Angie Vale

Angie is technical director at Studio Brand Up and has over 10 years experience in UX, web design and web accessibility.