Building Brand Experience – Delivering client value from the inside out

Building a seamless brand experience for your clients is not just the marketing team’s responsibility. Your people play the most essential role in making clients feel valued.

Every member of staff and each department is responsible for building a firm’s brand over the long term. That’s particularly true for client-facing roles, from receptionists to fee earners, secretarial support to business development, and marketing.

A brand makes a promise to every client. A promise that a firm needs to keep and repeatedly deliver on. For this to happen, an organisation must design the most seamless client experience possible. This requires clarity on brand purpose, alignment on strategy, and how both translate into the firm’s operational reality.

Brand Experience – A personal story

A year ago, my husband and I were in the market for a new car. When we went to the local dealership of the brand we’d been loyal to for over a decade, they took us for granted. Apart from receiving a nice cup of coffee, the customer service was lacking. There was no offer to test drive – just a crude invitation to ‘talk numbers.’

So, we went to the local dealership of a different car brand. Their customer service was ‘refreshing’. We didn’t feel sold to. The consultant took his time to explain options and insisted on us doing a test drive before committing to anything. We bought the car. We couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience.

A few months ago, we heard a rattling sound. So, we booked the car in for a service. When we picked it up, we were almost laughed at. “There were loose items in the boot. We removed them. The noise is gone.”

Their tone was judgmental and somewhat demeaning, insinuating that our stupidity was the root of the issue. We took offence and remained suspicious about whether the problem was resolved. The moment we drove off the forecourt, we could hear the rattling.

Did I feel valued as a customer? Not at all. What irks me most, though, is the disparity between our buying and service experience. It’s jarring. Will I buy from this brand again? I don’t think so.

Designing brand experience from the inside out

Different approaches within different teams can feel jarring to your clients. The larger the organisation, the more difficult it becomes to create a seamless experience. How well do your internal teams work together to deliver the experience your clients expect to feel valued?

The best client experience is delivered when all stakeholders understand the firm’s strategic goals. That means the brand must first be built in the minds of employees. This can only be achieved when a firm’s brand strategy is easily understood and translated into everyday actionable behaviour for every internal stakeholder.

There are plenty of ways to embed and operationalise brand purpose and values to create an aligned and integrated culture that your clients benefit from in the long term. Here are just a few examples:

  • Launch – If you’ve newly defined your strategy, help staff understand the firm’s purpose and the direction and guidance it provides for daily tasks. For the strategy to be remembered, ensure you educate your staff in an engaging and entertaining way. Tell your story. Keep it conversational.
  • Communicate – Use internal communications to reinforce attitudes, values, and behaviours to cultivate the right environment and culture. Motivate your team. Showcase and celebrate client experience success stories.
  • Onboard – Develop an employee onboarding and training programme. For example, you could create a concise brand book or video content for reference that current staff and recruits can keep handy. See our projects with top 50 law firm Birketts who we helped create a brand book for their people.
  • Measure – Run regular staff appraisals and surveys to gauge how well your team understands and embraces your positioning. Make sure you reward staff for delivering excellent client service.
  • Review – Ask for client feedback and reviews to assess the level of quality your firm delivers. You can conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to understand where you are succeeding and where you need to improve. Read how we helped specialist recruitment consultancy MacKenzie King gather valuable feedback from their clients.

To sum up

Your people are essential to making your clients feel valued. To successfully provide a seamless client experience, it’s paramount for every staff member to understand and for teams to be aligned on the brand strategy. Help your people understand your firm’s goals. Engage and motivate them to deliver results and reward them for excellent service. And don’t forget to keep track of progress by measuring brand impact among internal and external stakeholders.

About Franzi Scheithauer

Franzi is Creative Director at Studio Brand Up and specialises in brand strategy and identity design.