Brand Strategy

We help you develop a strategic framework for your brand by aligning your ambitions with your audience’s needs and goals.

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Brand Audit

We put your brand assets and marketing materials under the microscope. We review your website, social media presence, external and internal communications as well as your brand spaces. This provides insight into your current brand engagement and interaction.

Stakeholder Interviews

We hold individual interviews with members of your team to build a picture of internal brand perception, priorities, challenges and opportunities. We uncover their vision for business success and foster their buy-in for the project and commitment to the rebrand.

Customer Interviews & Surveys

We conduct anonymous customer interviews and surveys to establish how your brand is perceived by your audience. We explore your client’s needs and goals and what influences their buying decisions. These insights help uncover how well your products and services are meeting customer needs.

Angie looking at post-its on a wall during a workshop
Angie and Franzi looking at research results on a sheet of paper

Competitor Analysis

Studying your competitors, we pinpoint your organisation’s position within the industry. We look at how they present themselves and what their strengths and weaknesses are. By analysing similarities and differences we help you identify opportunities to outshine them.

Customer Journey Mapping

By visually mapping the customer’s journey, we review your existing touchpoints and discover opportunities to introduce new ones that elevate their experience of your brand. We look at all aspects of the customer journey – from first encounter to after-sales, making sure we connect all the dots.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Using tailored exercises, our brand strategy workshops clearly define the purpose, mission, vision, positioning and personality of your brand. This is where all key insights from our research and discovery work feed into a focussed strategic framework for your future brand development.

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