We founded Studio Brand Up in Spring 2019 following a decade of strategy, design and development experience working with a range of organisations in different industries.

Franzi Scheithauer

Creative Director

Angie gives us a glimpse into what it’s like working with Creative Director, Franzi:

“Franzi has somewhat of an obsession with branding. A healthy one mind you. She loves blending science, behavioural theory and creativity to develop brands that make a real impact.

A Level C certified brand strategist, with years of experience, Franzi knows just how to create that allusive feeling of brand trust and persuasion.

More about Franzi

She has an undeniable skill for making sure that a design concept is perceived by all the senses and carried through every brand touchpoint. From business cards through to style of photography, interior styling to purposeful print finishes, every detail is accounted for in her work.

She draws her inspiration from almost everything, but mostly nature. One day she’ll be admiring the packaging of a lipstick and the next a beautifully written novel. In Franzi’s words “if you’re mindful of your surroundings, you’ll see the beauty in the everyday.”

Brand Up is very much a joining of minds, with a shared appreciation for creating memorable, meaningful brand experiences.

Being on this journey with Franzi, in transforming brands – both big and small – is an exciting one. No two days are the same because no two brands are!”

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Angie Vale

Technical Director

Franzi explains what it’s like to work with talented Technical Director, Angie:

“Angie is a versatile technical developer, whose thirst for creating accessible user-centric websites is derived from her passion for engineering with purpose.

When I met Angie, I was struck by her passion for designing websites that favour a powerful brand experience. She has a natural ability to turn a client’s brief or challenge into a full technical specification to meet their brand objectives.

More about Angie

Having spent 14 years in product manufacturing, Angie took a side-step into web design and build. She taught herself how to build custom WordPress websites, creating websites built entirely around the needs of the customer.

She creates websites that are designed to elicit a positive emotional response. Focusing on frontend development, the live website always mirrors the carefully branded design.

When she’s not building websites, she immerses herself in books and blogs on design and user experience and can be found at WordCamps (WordPress conferences). That’s when we’re not delivering our own branding workshops.

There’s nothing more she enjoys than seeing a customer’s new brand come to life and the renewed sense of pride it gives them! That’s why I love working with her.”

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Angie and Franzi sitting together in front of a window

Why choose us?

We take brands on a truly transformative journey to ensure every touchpoint adds value. Our experience is rooted in understanding exactly how and why people positively engage with a brand.

From the subtleties of understanding the psychology of colour through to behavioural-based web design, we know exactly how to help your organisation ‘cut through the noise’.

We’re accomplished

We’ve been supporting B2B, B2C and non-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes for over a decade. We know how to elevate a  brand and understand the ongoing challenge in maintaining its impact and integrity.

We’re strategic

Our purposefully designed process looks at your organisation from all angles to help you develop an effective brand strategy that outmanoeuvres your competition through clear positioning and differentiation.

We’re analytical & methodical

Our approach follows a methodical process that’s influenced by neuromarketing. We take the subjectivity out of brand creation by introducing research and testing to ensure we deliver a creative solution that works for your business.

We’re conscientious & collaborative

We’ll never design a brand for you, but with you. Through our collaborative approach, you’ll work directly with talented people that’ll bring your brand to life. Together, we’ll ensure your aspirations are achieved.

We’re imaginative & curious

Having an insatiable thirst for brand strategy, design and technology, we’re constantly evolving our knowledge. By working with us, you’ll discover how the latest developments in web accessibility, user experience, and behavioural psychology can have a positive impact on your brand.

Let's brand up.

Reach out to us today and you’ll be one step closer to creating a brand experience that delights your customers and enables your business to grow.