5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can improve your WordPress website

Maybe you love Alexa and think kettles should be smart or maybe you hate the idea of machines taking over the world, but either way Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it has already crept into the world of web development.

In this article we focus on 5 ways you can use cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer smart features for your WordPress website.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is technology that enables machines to carry out tasks that humans need intelligence to do. There are plenty of examples of AI in real life such as self-driving cars, smart home devices, and music and movie recommendation services.

AI gives computer programs the ability to make choices without the need for human intelligence. Machine learning helps the software learn from experiences, data, and user activity to improve artificial intelligence so it can make better choices.

These technologies allow developers to automate tasks that would normally need human intelligence.

How can AI improve my WordPress website?

1. Boost your Website’s SEO

Optimising your text and images is important for SEO but it can be time consuming, as it requires attention to detail in several areas. However, AI can be used to speed the process up so you can focus more on creating content.

WordLift is a WordPress Plugin that brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to help publishers and content editors produce richer content, grow their organic traffic and engage with their audience.

It is designed to automate digital marketing tasks, such as publishing meta descriptions, tagging content, organising posts and pages, and more. This helps to boost organic traffic and reduces the time spent in enriching content.

Images also need to be optimised by adding ‘alt text’ to describe the image, making it easier for search engines to index them and making them accessible. The plugin Automatic Alternative Text makes this easy and fast by automatically generating alt text for images by using  Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision

2. Automate customer service for your website to increase sales

If you’re running an E-Commerce store then great customer service is essential for driving sales and producing repeat customers. Using AI to handle your customer service will stop you from having to answer requests all day but still provide your customers with the service they need.

Chatbots are AI-powered tools that can help direct customers around your site and answer basic questions. This is useful not just for E-Commerce sites but for any website where potential customers may have questions about your service or products and providing answers will help convert them into customers.

Although there aren’t many good chatbot plugins for WordPress that use AI, there are other tools that integrate well with WordPress. For example, Chatfuel, Manychat, and It’s Alive are chatbots that work with Facebook Messenger to provide customer service on your website.

Landbot.io allows you to create chatbots based on a Conversational User Interface for your landing pages to improve engagement levels and conversion rates. It can also be used as a live chat or pop up.

3. Improve your spelling, grammar, and word choice

After The Deadline is an artificial intelligence powered grammar checking tool that analyses the readability of your content to help you write better content. It was previously available as a standalone WordPress plugin, but it is now available as part of the JetPack plugin suite.

4. Show users related content to personalise their experience

Personalisation enhances customer experience and the greater the relevancy of your site’s information, the more likely you are to convert your website traffic into repeat visitors.

bibblio related content plugin

Bibblio can be used to suggest other posts on your site that are related to the one the user is currently reading. It uses AI to constantly learn from your content, so the more posts you add, the smarter the algorithms become.

5. Get rid of Spam comments

Akismet is a plugin that comes pre-installed on every WordPress website. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect spam comments.

Used by millions of website, Akismet has improved over the years to detect almost all spam submitted by bots. It can also detect spam comments manually submitted by actual human users by learning from its mistakes and recognising patterns across millions of websites.


AI can take care of some of the tasks that your website requires such as removing spam comments and SEO but it can also enhance and improve user experience with related content and automated customer service.

About Angie Vale

Angie is technical director at Studio Brand Up and has over 10 years experience in UX, web design and web accessibility.